Day 9-part II

29 dec. 2010

This* giveaway is huge,huge,look:

Now that's temptation,right?

She says "Its been only one and a half month i started blogging and i have got 46 followers already " and guess what, she is NOT a professional m.u. artist just a "makeup freak".Pretty nice,hah?
Today she has nearly 200 of followers,and even if I discovered her because of her giveaway,i'm glad,because now i can also read her tips&tricks:D
The giveaway[from this point:ga] started with one prize, but now there are 2,and i couldn't decide which one is better:)
You'd better try it! or not,so i have a bigger chance to win,mwuhahha:D
*The link will bring you to the UPDATE of the ga,but right near the post you'll see the picture of it,and you can read there all the rules!
Good luck girls! I think that's all for today... 
P.S.Don't forget to see my giveaway list here.


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