Giveaway by Simi

31 dec. 2011

Cred ca este cel mai chic giveaway de sfarsit de an!
Absolut toate premiile sunt pe gustul meu!
Paletele Sleek sunt de calitate superioara++, nebunia mea cu parfumurile este nemaivazuta, de f mult timp vreau sa incerc gelul de dus YR, iar rujul are o culoare foarte buna=P~
Iar blogul imi place f mult, desi de comentat nu prea am timp,mai nicaieri:|
I must win>:)
Click AICI!

Giveawy @ Jully's

Giveaway Thboxes!
Cei de la Thboxes au bijuterii super-frumoase, asa ca merita sa va inscrieti!

I want theeeeese!!!

28 dec. 2011

I found some gorgeous pictures with some amazing nails and nailpolish rings, I want them so baaaad! :(

These are my faves, but from my favorites my favorites are: the space nails and the Audrey Hepburn nails-->want! And those rings are so awesome, I HAVE to try to do them!

ALL the images are from this tumblr:
Also, the rings are from this site:

Xmas Tag

27 dec. 2011

1. What's your favorite holiday movie?
HOME ALONE 1-2, I'm watching it right now, I do this on every Chrstmas.This movie it's just purrrrfect!!
2. What's your favorite Christmas color?

RED! Red is my colour anyway, i'm in love with it, so yeah,definetly:)

3.  Do you like to stay in your PJ's or dress up for Christmas? 
PJ:D I love my PJs:D But I dress up when the whole family comes to our house:)

4. If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be?
I would buy something that anyone from my family could use:)

5. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Eve. I used to open'em in the morning, but now I don't have so many presents, so I just can't wait 12 more hours:))

6. Have you ever built a ginger bread house?
Never,ever. I don't think I ever will, but who knows? 

7. What do you like to do on Christmas break?
To lay on the floor or in the bed, watching Christmas movies.  I adoooore to do this.

 8. Any Christmas wishes?
My wishes: to be healthy ALL year, but not just me, my family too; I keep my other wishes to my birthday!

9. Favorite Christmas smell?
Oranges. They even taste better in wintertime. And cinnamon, I loove cinnamon.
Oh and marzipan. That's my true love :))

10. Favorite Christmas meal or treat?
 Well as I said, marzipan chocolate aaaaaaand stuffed cabbage, of course:D


New TV shows:D

21 dec. 2011

I've seen a lot of TV series lately; new ones, cause the regular ones are on usual..
I watched them mostly at night, cause that's when I have time:))
Sooooo here we are:

1.Once Upon a Time

This is my new favourite, it's very charming:)
The story is simple: what happened after they lived happily ever after?
Well, in this story Snow Whites' stepmother spells a curse on Snows' and Prince Charmings' wedding day: they will live in a different place forever. A different place which is much worse then the hell. 
Yeah, that place would be our XXI-st century:).
So there's this Fairy Tale storyline, in every episode, and we slowly find out what really happened in the past.
And of course, there's a second storyline, which presents a little town, Storybrooke, in which seems that time is not moving, clocks aren't working.
We also meet Emma, a single woman from Boston who has a visitor in the very first episode: her 10 year old son, who lives in Storybrooke, and who has a storybook, about what happened to Snow White&Co. and he thinks that story is true, and his birthmom, Emma is the one who can help to break the curse.
So, this would be the story, but just a lil' part of it, cause it's very complex, and great.
You'll find out that Cinderella and Snow White were best friends, or that Snow had a daughter.
It's a great story, it tells something I wanted to know for a long time: what happened after the marriage?:D
All in all, it's a nice story, can't wait to watch the new episodes!

2. American Horror Story
This is a story about a small family, which moves into a new house in LA. Peolpe say the house is haunted cause bad things happened there.
This TV show is very recent, just like the above, it only has 11 episodes so far, but  I liked it. It's also true that, if you don't like horror, you probably will hate it, cause it's really creepy:))
I can't tell much, cause it's really messy, you'll understand after you'll watch it.
Check it out!
-no picture though, cause I don't wanna see creepy things on my blog:)-

I guess, these were the most recent, I also saw some movies in the past few months, which were quite amazing!

You know what's also amazing?!
That I have 99 followers!!! Haha, never thought so many people would fly to my blog, WELCOME!

Random thoughts

17 dec. 2011

N-am mai scris de muuult mult timp aici, avand examene si alte treburi:)
But i'm here now!
S-au intamplat multe lately:D
Imi place sa citesc enorm postarile fetelor de pe bloguri, pacat ca de comentat nu prea am avut timp..
Am castigat la Iuliania un giveaway tare frumos, inca in noiembrie, dar premiul a ajuns abia ieri, drept cadou de Craciun:D. Bine ca am avut o perioada agitata la facultate, asa ca nu am avut timp sa ma gandesc la faptul ca premiul intarzia un pic, dar Iuliana a fost tare draguta, s-a ingrijorat ea si in locul meu;))
Acum, ca povestea are un happy ending, pot spune ca abia ieri am inceput sa folosesc premiul, aka un fdt Vichy, dar ce am observat eu pana acum este ca arata tare bine pe fata, desi culoarea mi se pare un picut mai inchisa decat culoarea tenului meu, dar asta nu m-a oprit in a-l folosi. Tenul arata wow dupa ce l-am folosit, plus ca are un miros superb:D Cam atat dupa prima folosire.
Am fost norocoasa si la giveawayul organizat de Andreea, si acum sunt fericita posesoare a unui colier superb:
Da, am fost o norocoasa lately, si am avut un Mos bogat:D

Deasemenea, vreau sa va arat doua postari pe care le-am citit azi, si care merita sa fie citite:
Prima este postarea Andreei, si anume despre cum puteti ajuta niste copii nevoiasi:) Este o postare tare frumoasa, merita sa fie citita si distribuita.
A doua postare este mai funny, si anume cea de pe blogul Flormar Brasov , unde puteti urmari o "doamna" in toata splendoarea ei cum fura doua oje de la standul din Real, BV. Normal ca pt cei de la Flormar nu este tocmai funny, dar mie mi se pare chiar amuzanta doamna, are ceva experienta:))

In rest cam atat. aveam atatea ganduri, si acum nu-mi mai amintesc ce tot vroiam sa scriu azi..deh, asta e, poate imi aduc aminte mai tarziu:D

Have a nice daaay!

Giveaway de mos

5 dec. 2011

Giveaway de Mos la Delia!!:D
Inscrierile se fac AICI pana pe 22 decembrie!


Today I saw..

2 dec. 2011

..something ..something from my wishlist..
The 120 color palette! I know it's not a big deal, and I've decided not to buy it, 'cause it's just not worth it, I can't even use it properly..
But still, today I walked into a local store in my cute lil' town and saw theese 100/120/88 color palettes, and put my fingers on/in them, and it was awesome:))
I never saw these palettes before, just from pictures on the internet, and the price was pretty low too, I think I have to save some money:D
I also bought some Essence nail polishes, and they're so awesome, finally they arrived!!:D
Oh so much to say, so little time:))


One huge Xmas giveaway

1 dec. 2011

Adina has a HUGE giveaway, you should enter!!
I mean huuuge, like with 60+ prizes!
 Click here to join , there you can also find out what the prizes are:):>
Pretty tempting, huh?
DEADLINE: 9. ianuarie 2012.

Top 10..cartoons!

25 nov. 2011

Oh, I still love cartoons, I could watch them all day, especially which are from the 90's:D
This time it will be a bit special, cause I won't make a top, just put sme pictures/comments about my fave cartoons [series/movies]. I can't do a top, cause all of them are so special, they're a part of my childhood:)

From Cartoon Network [the old one]

Powerpuff Girls

Dexter's Laboratory
(I used to watch Dexter all the time, and it was like Christmas, when they announced a saturday marathon:D)

The Flinstones
(I watched this a lot too, I loved the beginning and ending, it was funny. I recently found out that they were actually talking in rhymes..)

Scooby Doo
(Scoob was and will be my favourite dog from all the cartoons! I love its looks, and voice, and his courage:))

Cow and Chicken
(I waited for ages to show their parents faces!)

Looney Tunes-all cartoons

Tom & Jerry
(No matter what, I can watch this over and over, it's the best best best:)

From Nickelodeon

(Aww, this was my fave for a loong time..:)

Real Monsters

Doug Funnie
(I started my journal because of Doug)

As Told By Ginger

Hey, Arnold!

From Minimax

Simsala Grimm
(Grimm tales with a bit of switch:)

Rollie, Pollie, Ollie



(I just started to watch this .... again)

The Magic School Bus
(All kids should see this!)

Il était une fois...
(And this! And not just kids..)

Les Miserables
(Pretty old, but pretty good)

From Fox Kids/Jetix

Kids from 402

Life with Louie


Family Guy
(I absolutely love Stewie!!)


....and I could continue 'til the end, cause there are so many good and great cartoons. I want my kids to watch these, not the crap that is now on the so-called Cartoon Network...
Sssooo tttthat's all folks!
[this was my favourite scene from the show:))]

What's YOUR favourite cartoon?

Top 10 actors

20 nov. 2011

..from TV series:)
Without any introduction..

10. Tony Shalhoub as Monk
[ Monk ]
He was so funny, and so different, I loved it!

9. Mike Vogel as Dean Lowrey
[ Pan Am ]
I also red some news about this show, that it could be cancelled, but I don't want to!
It's so great, and finally something modern but vintage,gosh I adore the 60's!
And Mike's fittin' in that show!

8. Simon Baker as Patrick Jane
[ The Mentalist ]
The way he solves cases is amazing, how he always knows who's the bad guy, before everyone else, is just wow!
And the Red John episodes are so welldone, I already miss them in this new season...

7. Neil Jackson as Sasha Belov
[ Make it, or break it ]
This character is great, and lovely. I almost cried when he left at the season finale:)

6. Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt
[ Grey's Anatomy ]
He was awesome since the very first episode he appeared, and the evolution of his relationship with Christina was captivating(:

5. Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd
[ Grey's Anatomy ]
He's correct and cute, and just as Owen, he needs some balls there, to handle Meredith.

4. Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery
[ Grey's Anatomy ]
He's an EYECANDY!!

3. Hugh Laurie as Gregory House
[ House M.D. ]
Isn't he awesome? I actually know a doc who's pretty like him, and I must say it's not that fun in real life..but it's great on screen.
Love his brains:))

2. Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore
[ The Vampire Diaries ]
I looved him a lot better when he was the bad guy, but still he's ok..I don't like his hair in the show, but that's just a teeny-weeny detail:-j
And they make a hot couple with Nina!

1. Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass
Do I have to say a word?
His looks, his elegance, his charm..the way he talks,woohoo:))

So this was my top 10, now if you like TVD, you should watch this parody, it's funny, and very well done, I love the hillywoodshow parodies!