The disaster continues..

28 ian. 2011

So,after accidentaly i deleted my widgets,my laptop DIED,i can't use it anymore,so i'll have to wait til next week when i go home and there i have my PC.
Now,one of  my roommates gave me his laptop to write this,but after that i'll have to bring him back.
So here i am,no tv,no laptop,2 more exams and i can't wait to get home.
P.S.If happens a miracle and i win,you should know that before the disaster i had all the giveaways in the left,and all the blogs that i love<3,in the right,i tried to fix the problem,but i have no time[exams!].So you decide if i win or not,in these conditions.
I'll try to borrow the laptop again,sunday,or tuesday.
That.s all,good luck people.!

Oh..and i broke my favourie mirror...yep..:|

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