3 feb. 2011

I'm home.I have a PC.
I have no exams,I have an entire week to sleep.

Ohh,and 4 new giveaways which you SHOULD enter:)**

1.Maybelline,Bottega verde & Flormar(<3)*

Picture speeks:D:D Enter here.


Adyna's organizing a cute giveaway,and i think the question you have to answer is pretty interesting,it's not an ordinary giveaway,but it is sooo simple,but i am not sure if it is internationally,but you can check out here .

Shahada Karim organizes a wonderful giveaway..again:)here

4.Win A Legend! *

So here's what you have to KNOW:[<-click for the rules]
" (...)Here is your chance to win Shu Uemura's ME SILVER 945 Pressed Eye Shadow. Yes, that Shu ME SILVER 945. Yes, the original one that was discontinued when Shu introduced their new packaging. Yes, that silvery taupe beige that looks brown, silver, grey depending on the light. Yes, that ME Silver 945 eyeshadow that would go on Evilbay for hundreds of dollars after it disappeared off the shelves. Yes, that one and only Shu Uemura ME Silver 945 that has now become a legend(...)"
And here's what you have to SEE:

* no specific order,i am just way to tired for 3 new posts,it this is ok:)
**mo matter how tired i am,giveaways always make my heart beat faster:))

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