New TV shows:D

21 dec. 2011

I've seen a lot of TV series lately; new ones, cause the regular ones are on usual..
I watched them mostly at night, cause that's when I have time:))
Sooooo here we are:

1.Once Upon a Time

This is my new favourite, it's very charming:)
The story is simple: what happened after they lived happily ever after?
Well, in this story Snow Whites' stepmother spells a curse on Snows' and Prince Charmings' wedding day: they will live in a different place forever. A different place which is much worse then the hell. 
Yeah, that place would be our XXI-st century:).
So there's this Fairy Tale storyline, in every episode, and we slowly find out what really happened in the past.
And of course, there's a second storyline, which presents a little town, Storybrooke, in which seems that time is not moving, clocks aren't working.
We also meet Emma, a single woman from Boston who has a visitor in the very first episode: her 10 year old son, who lives in Storybrooke, and who has a storybook, about what happened to Snow White&Co. and he thinks that story is true, and his birthmom, Emma is the one who can help to break the curse.
So, this would be the story, but just a lil' part of it, cause it's very complex, and great.
You'll find out that Cinderella and Snow White were best friends, or that Snow had a daughter.
It's a great story, it tells something I wanted to know for a long time: what happened after the marriage?:D
All in all, it's a nice story, can't wait to watch the new episodes!

2. American Horror Story
This is a story about a small family, which moves into a new house in LA. Peolpe say the house is haunted cause bad things happened there.
This TV show is very recent, just like the above, it only has 11 episodes so far, but  I liked it. It's also true that, if you don't like horror, you probably will hate it, cause it's really creepy:))
I can't tell much, cause it's really messy, you'll understand after you'll watch it.
Check it out!
-no picture though, cause I don't wanna see creepy things on my blog:)-

I guess, these were the most recent, I also saw some movies in the past few months, which were quite amazing!

You know what's also amazing?!
That I have 99 followers!!! Haha, never thought so many people would fly to my blog, WELCOME!

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Andreea♥ spunea...

Chiar aseara am vazut ultimele 2 ep aparute din Once Upon A Time,ramasesem in urma;))

morphine spunea...

ahhhhh, imi place muult, numa' pauzele astea de 2 luni ma enerveaza:D

D. spunea...

once upon a time rules. Aşa fascinată am fost de sfârşitul primului episod.

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