Today I saw..

2 dec. 2011

..something ..something from my wishlist..
The 120 color palette! I know it's not a big deal, and I've decided not to buy it, 'cause it's just not worth it, I can't even use it properly..
But still, today I walked into a local store in my cute lil' town and saw theese 100/120/88 color palettes, and put my fingers on/in them, and it was awesome:))
I never saw these palettes before, just from pictures on the internet, and the price was pretty low too, I think I have to save some money:D
I also bought some Essence nail polishes, and they're so awesome, finally they arrived!!:D
Oh so much to say, so little time:))


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Asimine Madalina spunea...

ce dragut e blogul tau...te astept si pe blogul meu...sunt noua si ar insemna mult pentru mine daca ti-ai da si tu cu parerea.Pupici♥

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