Giweaway winner!!

5 oct. 2011

So, we had a little problem, since one of the girls has not sent me the link where she posted about this giveaway. 
Now, I'm really sorry, but I have to disqualify her, because it wouldn't be fair to the other girls. And unfortunately this means it will be just ONE winner, who will win one jewelery of her choice from (you check the rules again, what you can, and what you can not choose:)

Now we have 42 chances, and 19 participants!
I used List Randomizer, and randomized 3 times.

And the WINNER is...........

........Alexandra. (FB: Simon Alexandra Ioana)!

I'll send you an e-mail tonight with the details!!!

And the randomized list:

There were 42 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Alexandra.
  2. Florentina Georgiana
  3. Oana
  4. C.L.M.`s Nail Art Blog
  5. Marianna
  6. Ciubotaru Alina
  7. akliy
  8. Andreea
  9. Niiic
  10. C.L.M.`s Nail Art Blog
  11. Marianna
  12. Ciubotaru Alina
  13. Anamaria
  15. Niiic
  16. Nóra
  17. pulberedediamant
  18. Ciubotaru Alina
  19. Alexandra.
  20. RoRo
  21. Andrea
  22. Madutza
  24. Marianna
  25. Nóra
  26. RoRo
  27. Nóra
  28. Florentina Georgiana
  29. pulberedediamant
  30. Adela
  31. Anamaria
  32. Make-up by mariposa ღ♥ღ
  33. C.L.M.`s Nail Art Blog
  34. Madutza
  35. Florentina Georgiana
  36. Oana
  37. akliy
  38. Adela
  39. manix
  40. Niiic
  41. manix
  42. Make-up by mariposa ღ♥ღ

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