Second giveaway winner!!

6 oct. 2011

I made a HUGE mistake: I forgot to add miha.ela, who was the last one. I don't know what happened and I'm really sorry, but I talked to her, and we decided to announce a  second winner, since there were 21 participants (-1).

So here we are again, first winners' (ALEXANDRA.) chances were deleted, I add the list to the list randomizer, randomized 3 times...
......sooo the SECOND WINNER iiiiis.........

I don't know how, maybe the faith, but third time your name come out, CONGRATSSSS!!

If you guys ask i can put the first, and second randomized list, in case you don't trust me..

  1. miha.ela
  2. akliy
  3. Andreea
  4. RoRo
  5. Oana
  6. Niiic
  7. Ciubotaru Alina
  8. Marianna
  9. Florentina Georgiana
  10. Madutza
  11. Niiic
  12. RoRo
  13. Niiic
  14. C.L.M.`s Nail Art Blog
  16. Adela
  18. pulberedediamant
  19. Adela
  20. Ciubotaru Alina
  21. Florentina Georgiana
  22. Make-up by mariposa ღ♥ღ
  23. Marianna
  24. Oana
  25. Nóra
  26. Madutza
  27. manix
  28. Marianna
  29. C.L.M.`s Nail Art Blog
  30. Anamaria
  31. Nóra
  32. miha.ela
  33. Make-up by mariposa ღ♥ღ
  34. C.L.M.`s Nail Art Blog
  35. pulberedediamant
  36. Ciubotaru Alina
  37. akliy
  38. manix
  39. Nóra
  40. Florentina Georgiana
  41. Anamaria
  42. Andrea

1. Pay attention and put your heart in it!
2. Make a giveaway when you have TIME!

Well yeah, I'll probably make some in the future but this was a good lesson-I am such a beginner!!
Once again, I am sorry!

2 comentarii:

miha.ela spunea...

Tot raul a fost spre bine, ma bucur ca am castigat !

Nu ma asteptam sa castig, multumesc.

morphine spunea...

chiar mi-a trecut prin gand in timo ce randomizam ce ar fii a fost!
nu-mi multumi,multumeste lui list randomizer:))

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