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25 nov. 2011

Oh, I still love cartoons, I could watch them all day, especially which are from the 90's:D
This time it will be a bit special, cause I won't make a top, just put sme pictures/comments about my fave cartoons [series/movies]. I can't do a top, cause all of them are so special, they're a part of my childhood:)

From Cartoon Network [the old one]

Powerpuff Girls

Dexter's Laboratory
(I used to watch Dexter all the time, and it was like Christmas, when they announced a saturday marathon:D)

The Flinstones
(I watched this a lot too, I loved the beginning and ending, it was funny. I recently found out that they were actually talking in rhymes..)

Scooby Doo
(Scoob was and will be my favourite dog from all the cartoons! I love its looks, and voice, and his courage:))

Cow and Chicken
(I waited for ages to show their parents faces!)

Looney Tunes-all cartoons

Tom & Jerry
(No matter what, I can watch this over and over, it's the best best best:)

From Nickelodeon

(Aww, this was my fave for a loong time..:)

Real Monsters

Doug Funnie
(I started my journal because of Doug)

As Told By Ginger

Hey, Arnold!

From Minimax

Simsala Grimm
(Grimm tales with a bit of switch:)

Rollie, Pollie, Ollie



(I just started to watch this .... again)

The Magic School Bus
(All kids should see this!)

Il était une fois...
(And this! And not just kids..)

Les Miserables
(Pretty old, but pretty good)

From Fox Kids/Jetix

Kids from 402

Life with Louie


Family Guy
(I absolutely love Stewie!!)


....and I could continue 'til the end, cause there are so many good and great cartoons. I want my kids to watch these, not the crap that is now on the so-called Cartoon Network...
Sssooo tttthat's all folks!
[this was my favourite scene from the show:))]

What's YOUR favourite cartoon?

2 comentarii:

Madlen spunea...

adooor si akm braceface.l gasesti pe vplay si alte ma mai uit uneori:X.ce vremuri louie:X

morphine spunea...

stiuuu, ador braceface si doug funnie:D
louie era preferatul meu pe vreme fox kids:D

ador desenele:D

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