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14 iul. 2011

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail which was telling me that I won a Too Faced eyeshadow palette on this site.
I was super-excited...but today I'm even more happy,cause my gift just arrived:D
I don't even know what to say besides  T h a n k  Y o u  L e t i c i a !
Here are some pictures,and if you're interested in some swatches just ask!

Too Faced - e y e  l o v e  palette 
 -teeny weeny primer-

P.S:There's another giveaway on Leticia's blog,maybe this time YOU'll be the lucky winner!

5 comentarii:

Iulia C spunea...

Lucky :D
arata super paleta :D

morphine spunea...

chiar e super:D

Madlen spunea...

wow:O.e superba

morphine spunea...


Leticia spunea...

You're welcome!

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